Reverend Eldridge H. E. Gilbert – 6-19-1972

Source: Rockford Register-Republic 6-19-1972


Rock River Elementary School, former – 2011

Source:  Rockford Register Star 11/1/2011

Allie Dodge – 1890’s, circa 1900 photos plus

“everyone gets sick at the Dodge home – life of an 1890’s teenager”

from the 1891 journal of Roscoe teenager, Allie Dodge (McCurry)

Allie was born on a Roscoe farm in 1875. The house and barn still stand on McCurry Rd.

Her husband, Kay McCurry, her parents and other family members are buried in Roscoe Cemetery.

She died in Beloit Hospital in 1962.

Bob Lawhorn has saved her writings and has transcribed them.


Source: Senior Courier, September 2010

“Rev. Gilbert’s 25th Year As Pastor Here Celebrated” – Dec 1969

Source: Rockford Morning Star 12/27/1969


Eldridge H. E. Gilbert, 1967 and “Gilberts Visit Africa, Mideast” 1969

Sources: Eldridge H. E. Gilbert, Rockford Morning Star 4/20-21/1967

“Gilberts visit Africa, Mideast” Rockford Morning Star 1/11/1969