Made a Name for Himself James H. Breasted, Former Rockford Man, Has Come to the Front

Source: Rockford Republic      November 10, 1898    pg.5

Norwood, P. Zoe

author, article, “Learn about Lincoln” thanking Rockford Register Star for “Measure of a Nation” Series    Source: Rockford Register Star 4/30/2008

“All About Abe” Forever Free exhibit      Source: Rockford Register Star 5/10/2008

author of article “Pioneering Women”   Rockford Public Library is pleased to announce two programs  Source: Rockford Register Star 3/19/2009

subject of an article; “Going it alone: Traveling Solo Can Lead to Self Discovery”  Italian marble carving in a city north of Pisa  Source: Rockford Register Star 4/24/2009

author “Parents, teachers, students invited to share ideas on Rockford Schools”  Source:  Rockford Register Star 5/2/2009

author of article ” Quality Education Takes Citywide Effort”    Source:  Rockford Register Star 6/20/2009

photo, at “Even Honors Downtown Supporters” River District’s Heart of Rockford awards   Source: Rockford Register Star 8/7/2009

“Your views: Discussion Leaders of 2009”  Rockford Register Star  12/31/2009

judge: Lincoln Bicenteenial Essay contest    Rockford Register Star 2/12/2010

Librarian, Rockford Public Library