Michael Verace   Old hand stirs Ramada remix

Michael Verace Old hand stirs Ramada remix

Michaels closes its doors September 29, 1997

Source: Rockford Register Star  Monday September 29, 1997 pg.1 and pg.6

South Main Street Business Men Invite You To Their Street Opening Ceremonies November 5, 1953

Source: Morning Star    November 5, 1953   p.3

Obituary for Mary Ginestra Abruzzo, Proprietor, Three Trees Restaurant RR Star May 23, 1994

Source: Rockford Register Star   May 23, 1994  Page 4

Pictured from the left are Ella Malone, Louis Abruzzo and Mary Abruzzo standing behind the counter of Three Trees Restaurant circa 1945

Source: Rockford Memories Volume II ~ The 40s, 50s, & 60s       R977.331 R682 v.2

Hard Rock Will Buy Out Giovanni’s

Source:  Jeff Kolkey, Rockford Register Star, April 25, 2021.