Rockford Watch Company Clean-Up

Source:  Rockford Register Star, Jeff Kolkey.

Savant, ad – 2018, “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” presentation

Source:  the Voice – of the Rockford Business Community, Rockford Chamber of Commerce, May 2018

“Metro tax endorsed by council” – April 1978

Source: Rockford Morning Star 4/4/1978; by Tom Schafer

“Metro tax endorsed by council” – 4-4-1978

Source: Rockford Morning Star 4/4/1978; article by Tom Schafer

“Tax Help Sought on Metro Centre” – 2/7/1978

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic 2-7-1978


“Hotel-motel tax prompts controversy” – Feb 1978

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 2/4/1978 and Rockfordiana:  Municipal centers – 2,  page 9

“Metro Centre trouble may loom” and “County tax on hotels, motels…” Feb 1978

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic 2/2/1978 and Rockford Morning Star 2/4/1978 and in Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers – 2, p 8


See also applications and costs during home rule re: Metro Centre

“Civic Center Bill Gets OK” – 6/15/1977

Source: Rockford Register-Republic 6/15/1977  by Sharen Johnson, and/or Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers – 1, p. 108