“Libraries walk fine line balancing e-book investments” – 2012, Klonicki

Source: The Rock River Times, January 18-24, 2012,  Vol. 19, No. 13 p 2A

“Public input needed on Rockford Public Library decisions” – 2012 Guest Columns

Source:  The Rock River News, Jan. 18 – 24, 2012

“Book by Webbs Norman explores history….” – Jan. 2012


Source: The Rock River Times, Jan. 11 – 17, 2012


Immigration Histories of Rockford Italian Families – 2018, Mike Doyle and Frank Perrecone

Source: Immigration Histories of Rockford Italian Families, compiled by the Greater Rockford Italian American Association, edited by Mike Doyle, and Asst. Editor, Frank Perrecone

R977.331 IMMIGRATION     New in Rockford Public Library’s Local History and Genealogy Dept. March 2018

Sample page below.


“Vote No to Home Rule March 20” – 2018, “Get Out to Vote”

Source:  The Market Street Press, Market 2018, Vol. 7, Issue 5


“Warriors Forever” book by John Gile – Northwest Quarterly, Holiday 2017

Source:  Northwest Quarterly magazine, Holiday 2017, story by Paul Anthony Arco,  first 2 pages of article about Rockford author John Gile’s new book, “Warriors Forever”

This book is for sale at Barnes and Noble (1 place of purchase), Northwest Quarterly is available at many locations, including copies that can be read in the Local History room of Rockford Public Library, multiple copies are available at Rockford Public Library.