Danny McDade, U. S. Marine Corps Veteran, helicopter pilot

Danny McDade and wife Mary started the Rock River Valley Celtic Society, and later joined the Irish Marching Society. A Marine Corp veteran helicopter pilot, he flies an emergency helicopter for MercyHealth. As a musician, he is Danny Gone Rogue.

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine, Annual Guide 2019

Henry E Crow Obituary- 1920-2016

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Marian D. Campbell, 1919-2018 – Obituary

Marian D. Campbell, 1919-2018 – Obituary




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Source: East High School Yearbook 1976

“Vets ask role in memorial” – October 1974

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic  10/16/1974


“Mayor, vets agree on memorial fund” – Oct 1974

Source: Rockford Register-Republic 10/15/1974


“Civic Center financing asked” and also “Vets’ protests is ridiculous. mayor claims” – Oct., 1974

Vets’ protest article continues below

Source:  “Civic center financing asked”  from Rockford Morning Star, 10/1/1974

“Vets’ protest is ridiculous, mayor claims”  from “Rockford Register-Republic 10/8/1974

also found in Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers-1, pp 66 and 67


Ampellio “Pep” Dal Pra – 2018 obituary

Source:  Rockford Register Star 2/17/2018