Steam plumes from the two towers at the Byron Nuclear Power Plant, photo taken from the Jefferson Street Bridge, 17 miles upstream as the crow flies


One can just make out the two plumes of steam from the two towers. Note the State Street, Chestnut Street and railroad bridges in the photo, as well as the News Tower and the Founders Landing Building at Davis Park.

Source: Photographed from the Jefferson Street Bridge, August 26, 2021, by Jean Lythgoe

Home Rule Vote on March 20; “Who We Are and Who We Want to Be” – Winter 2018

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine, Winter 2018, Volume 15, No. 1, p. 208, by Tom McNamara

Works Progress Administration [WPA] Writers Program, Rockford

Copyright 1941 by the City of Rockford, Illinois

WPA cover sm

R917.733 W93

WPA Title Page sm

Sample of style of History of Rockford

WPA horsecars - 3

WPA - Horsecars - 4

WPA - horsecars - 5