“More County Land Sought for Lake Use” – Nov. 1957

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 11/5/1957

Harlem Township – 1957, Farm Plat map

Harlem Township

Source:  1957 Farm Plat map Winnebago County Illinois; Sponsored by the Union Grange, No. 811, Inc.


Olympic Canoe and Kayak Trials – 1972, Rock Cut State Park

Goodrow - 1

Source:  Rockford Register Republic July 21 1972

Goodrow - 2

Goodrow - 3

Source:  Rockford Register Republic July 21, 1972


Rock Cut forest preserve – 1935

Rock Cut 1935

Text:  “Beautification of parks, forest preserves and roadways through

the planting of trees and shrubs is underway, giving employment to

scores of men.  This picture shows Bert Troller and J.K. Dawson trimming

saplings preparatory to planting in Rock cut forest preserve system

this spring.

Source: Rockford Morning Star April 12, 1935