Order Sons of Italy in America Banquet at Hotel Nelson on August 3, 1941

Source: ROCKFORD MORNING STAR – August 3, 1941 – page 17

Photo from Rockford Public Library Photo Archives


Smokestack Demolition Blast debris kills man Barnes plant, cars damaged

Source: Morning Star  Wednesday, July 9th, 1975  pg. 1

Warren Otis Eddy – Prominent Farmer on North Main Street

Source: Register-Republic, Monday, December 11, 1933, page 8.

Rockford Inventor: Clifford N. Johnson with Johnson Pen Company

Source: Haugen, Doug. “The Johnson Pen Company.” The Pennant, Fall 2021, p. 28-35.

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Article is posted with the author, Doug Haugen’s, permission on October 28, 2022 via email.