Pair Sells Nursery in Family 50 Years

W. L. Taylor founded Rockford Nurseries, 2715 S. Main St., in the 1920s and operated it with his brother, E. H. Taylor. They started with 70 acres on what had been the Cunningham farm, and later enlarged it to 120 acres. In 1968, they sold it to Charles Klehm and Son Nurseries of Arlington Heights. Source: Rockford Register-Republic, January 1, 1968

Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden

Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden, located at 2715 S. Main Street, consists of 158.2 acres. From 1910-1968, brothers W. L. Taylor and E. H. Taylor had operated the property as the Rockford Nursery Co. In 1968 they sold it to the Klehm family, who operated the nursery until 1985, when they donated  the property to the Winnebago County Forest Preserves.  Klehm Aboretum has over 300 species of woody plants and wonderful gardens. Source: Rockford Register Star, May 17, 2019.

Rockford Garden Club booklet, 1986 – 1987 – 70th Anniversary

Source: Rockford Garden Club annual booklet, 29 pp., 1986-1987 season


Rockford Garden Club, 2002 – 2002 – Program Schedule

Source:  Rockford Garden Club, 2001-2001 Members booklet

The Rockford Civic Newcomers Club, July 1992 – The Acquainter Newsletter, 8 pages

     8 pages

Source: The Acquainter newsletter, July 1992, of the Rockford Civic Newcomer’s Club, Volume 114, No. 7










“Area destinations get top billing by Travel Illinois” – 2018, The Rock River Times

Rockford Civic Newcomers Club – June 1993, The Acquainter

Source: Rockford Civic Newcomers Club, The Acquainter newsletter, June 1993, Vol. 116 – Number 2





“Welcome, Sen. Jones, you found Rockford” by Pat Cunningham, 2006

Source: Rockford Register Star June 21, 2006

Judy Barnard – July/August 2008

Source:  Rockford Woman Magazine, July/August 2008