John Castrogiovanni – 1981

Jim Quinn photo, above

“Hilander still uses Dad’s ideas” by Cathy Rogers

Source: Rockford Register Star 8/10/1981 and also Rockfordiana:  Biographies, CAR – CAZ

Construction begins next month on the Fourth Hilander Store in Rockford; essentially one for each of the four brothers who were born and raised in the grocery business,

The new store will be at Spring Creek and Mulford. A general contractor has been hired to oversee building plans for the building. Previously the patriarch, Joseph, handled those details.  “He was the boss,” said number 3 son, John.

Joseph, their father, immigrated from Italy in the early 1900’s and sent for his mother and siblings a few years later.  He was first employed at Nelson Knitting Co. and worked part time at a local meat market.  Anthony and Joseph persuaded Joseph’s boss to lend them $1000 to open their own meat market, Sanitary Meat Market, 1006 S. Main St. Within 6 months the loan was paid off.  In 1937, the brothers, opened the second meat market at 2219 East State St., featuring homemade Italian sausages. In 1947, the grocery chain decided to move and took the plunge into the full grocery business.  By 1955, the third Castrogiovanni store opened on South Wyman St.. During the past two decades, three more were added to the family chain.  The store at 1715 Rural St. opened in 1959, the one at S. Alpine Rd. and Charles St. in 1966, and the last one at 3710 N. Main St. in 1977.  During that same period the store on So. Wyman and East State St. closed.

4 sons are:  Anthony, based at the Alpine Store, Alfred, based on N. Main St., John, based at Rural St. and Joseph handles the grocery and non-food items at the Alpine Store. The stores now employ about 360 people.  Another recent venture is Giovanni’s Restaurant, 610 N. Bell School Rd., in 1977.

Main St., So., 1101 – 1889-90

1101 So. Main St. :   Curtis, James, clerk, resides 1101 S. Main St.

Curtis, Miss Katie, wks Nelson Knitting Co., resides 1101 So. Main St.

Curtis, Miss Mary, dressmaker, resides 1101 So. Main St,

Curtis, William H., painter, resides 1101 So. Main St.

Source:  1889-90 Rockford City Directory

Also living in Curtis household, perhaps as boarders:

David W. Derstine, machinist, Love & Bristow

James H. Welch, clerk, Farnsworth’s bakery

Miss Mary Welch, dressmaker



WWII U.S. Army – Leo J. Pavlik – 2017 obituary

Source: Rockford Register Star 9/17/2017

Clifton Ave., 1401

Photos Source: Staff member at Rockford Public Library

original owners & occupants of house were Seth Trufant and wife Florence (Fannie,Adele), 1888

Source: 1888 Rockford City Directory

Seth and Florence married 5/3/1876


Seth moved here at age 10 with his parents David B. and Martha Trufant. Parents, brother George and sister Grace all born in Lunn, Massachusetts. Florence, Fannie, Adele was born in Fulton Co., Illinois, daughter of W.W. Burson. Her Father owned and was president of Burson Knitting Co.,

Source: 1880 Federal Census

Seth worked 10 years at Rockford Watch Co., a few years at Barmes Mfg., then at Burson Knitting

Source: obituary and Rockford City Directories

1900 Fed Census list Seth and Adele with 3 daughter: Grace 19, Norva, 16, and Hettie, 12

Source: 1990 Federal Census

County Clerk lists baby girl born 10/9/1879, Norva born 5/4/1884 and baby girl born 1/12/1888


Two daughters didn’t marry here. Grace married here in parents’ home

Mrs. Trufant is survived by her mother, Mrs E.S. Burson of Los Angeles. Mrs Trufant survived by her brothers, E.E. Burson, Los Angeles, and Wilson W. Burson,  (wife Hettie) v-pres B-Z-B Knitting, 1403 Harlem Blvd. (1920 City Directory) Niece Florence Burson, who married Maurice Hazzard (1920). Two daughters survived, Norva, still at home, and Mrs Grace Treadwell of Chicago. A third daughter, Mrs. Hettie Sparies, died in Alabama in 1915. Mr. Trufant died at home of Bright’s Disease. He came to Rockford at age 10. When gold was discovered at Pike’s Peak, he joined the westward rush. On his return to Rockford, Mr Trufant took charge of the pattern cylinder department

Source: Obituary

House listed to Norva Trufant

Source: 1920 Rockford City Directory

Mrs. G. Treadwell

Source: 1921 – 1925 Rockford City Directory

1935-37 tenant, Henri Wuhrmann, fireman, W F and John Barnes

Source: 1936 – 1937 Rockford City Directory

1938-39 Mrs. Grace Treadwell, Anthony Remencius (Virginia) grinder

Source: 1938 – 1939 Rockford City Directory

1940, 1941 Mrs. Grace Treadwell, Clifford Rogers laborer

Source: 1940 – 1941 Rockford City Directory

1944 – 1965 Mrs Grace Treadwell, no boarders

Source: 1944 – 1965 Rockford City Directory

1968 – Dennard Rubin

Source: 1968 Rockford City Directory

1969 – Andrew Guerin

Source: 1969 Rockford City Directory

1970 – 1979  Richard Hawkins, asmblr Chrysler Corp.

Source: 1970 – 1979 Rockford City Directory

No listing in 1980, 1981, 1982 Rockford City Directory

Source: 1980 – 1982 Rockford City Directory

1984 – listed as Apartments

Source: 1984 Rockford City Directory