Michaels closes its doors September 29, 1997

Source: Rockford Register Star  Monday September 29, 1997 pg.1 and pg.6

The Columbia Theater, 1007 (formerly 1007-1009) S. Main Street., built by Joseph Sarno; also Blackhawk Elks Club Lodge and Texas Lounge



Sources: Rockford Republic, November 6, 1920, Sanborn map, v.1, 1928, photo by Jean Lythgoe September 3, 2021

“The Bees Knees,” “From Sea to the Sun,” and “Native Elements,” three towers from the SPARKS Summer Programs, mentored by Susan Burton, located at the northwest corner of South Main and Cedar Streets

Three  new towers, “The Bees Knees,” “From Sea to the Sun,” and “Native Elements” joined the sculpture scene in downtown Rockford. Youth from the SPARKS Summer Programs were mentored by Susan Burton, a nationally known mosaic artist. Located at the northwest corner of South Main and Cedar Streets across from the Embassy Suites. The south side of the Webbs Norman Center, formerly the downtown Post Office can be seen in the background.
Photographed by Jean Lythgoe, August 30, 2021.

1912 Photo of Rockford Tool Company and Rockford Milling Machine Company (Sundstrand)

Front Row (L to R): Tolf, Gunnard Erickson, Elmer Hendrickson, Emil Monson, Carl Dahlgren, Swan Anderson, Gust H Ekstrom, Janson.

Second Row: Wally Johnson, Lewis Monson, Unknown, Oscar Floody, George Carlson, Eddie Monson, Roy Foody, Rudy Swanson, Ted Johnson.

Third Row: Charlie Danielson, Arnstron, Ray Wahlstrom, Gustafson, Anderson, Gottfred Johnson, Anderson, Carl Adolphson, Gilly Arnquist, Edwin Cedarleaf, John Grice.

Fourth Row: Bror Cedarleaf, Unknown, Oscar Johnson, Ivar Johnson, Broad, Carl Olson, Larry Johnson, Fred Johnson.

Source: Sundstrand Association 50th Anniversary 1927-1977  R 360.77331 Sundstrand