Frank Lloyd Wright Trail in Illinois – June 2018

Source:  The Voice; of the Rockford Business Community, June 2018.  Rockford Chamber of Commerce.

Emerson, Ralph Sr. – 1909

Ralph Emerson Sr., wife Adeline, president Emerson Manufacturing, president Burson Manufacturing, v-p Burson Knitting Co., v-p Rockford Mitten and Hosiery, resides 427 N Church St.

Source: 1909 Rockford City Directory

Presence Saint Anne Center & Presence Cor Mariae Center – 2015

Source: Northwest Quarterly magazine, Winter 2015, page 175


“Saint Ambrogio Club Marks 100 Years in South Rockford” – 2018, Val DeCastris

Source:  Market Street Press, June 2018 by Val DeCastris

Ralph Emerson residence, 400 Block, No. Church St. – 1902

Ralph Emerson home, 400 block of N Church St. in the approximate location of Mendelssohn Club.  The land was donated to the Mendelssohn Club by the daughters of Ralph Emerson.

Source: 1902 Rockford Illinois   R917.733 R5910 p 52   [5 x 7″ paperbound book of photographs, 100 pages]