State Housing Board’s Certificate of Necessity authorizing the creation of the Rockford Housing Authority, July 11, 1951

Sources: Letter donated by library patron 9/22/2021, article Rockford Morning Star, July 14, 1951

Seminary St., 500

Jane Addams Housing Project was here. Plans to demolish Jane Addams Village have been discussed for 2 years. Monday began tearing down 23-unit housing development (photo) was at the corner of College Ave and Seminary St. for 35 years. Federal lawsuit stopped plans to tear down site last summer., settlement reached in January calls for 77 units of new housing.

Source: Rockford Register Star 2/26/2009

500 Seminary St.

500 Seminary St. map

500 Seminary St. map

Source: 2009, from

Main St., North, 505

owners: Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Hinchcliff plans: A. Reyner Eastman altered century old home former factory retread plant on site
fire in the Fall of 1945 scarcity of materials created new possibilities much material from Burlington RR station ten tons of stone from Central High School marble table tops from old Post Office photo of house on Indian Terrace guest house listed as 511 N Main same house listed as 510 Indian Terrace.

Source: Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks – 1 &   Rockford Register Star 6/17/1947 & Rockford Register Star or Rockford Morning  Star 11/9/1951
505 North Main Street

Source: Rockford Morning Star 4/6/1952

$300,000 cost of remodeling

Source: Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks – 1 & Rockford Register  Star 11/9/1951

Elevator imported from England in 1900 marble fireplaces imported from Italy 1880  house picked up and moved next door to make room for 300 car parking lot from 436 North Main. House weighed 300 tons.

Source: Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks – 1 & Rockford Register Star 3/15/1950

Wrecking permits issued to Parson Wrecking Co. 3rd property at N. Main St. + Mound Ave. Original house built in 1847 by Goodyear Sanford

Source: Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks – 1 Rockford Register Star 11/9/1951

interiors featured in “88 historic Illinois Residences” by Drury, pub. Illinois State Historical Society (not owned by RPL)
Rockford Register Star 2/27/1949

Indian Mound on Hinchcliff property excavated representatives of Burpee Museum of Natural History and Beloit College present
nothing found that could prove anything

Source: Rockford Morning Star 4/6/1952

Carriage House once Goodyear Sandford’s property later Ralph Hinchcliff’s  pp39/40; to be razed. Highrise for elderly planned
Hinchcliff’s 1st wife: Hortense Hinchcliff’s 2nd wife: Mary Louise Ware.  Hinchcliffs now reside in California tunnel once linked main house & carriage house Ralph is the grandson of Ralph Emerson

Source: Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks – 2 & Rockford Morning Star 10/8/1967Sanford-Hinchliff Home

Source: photo of Sanford-Hinchcliff House in Rockfordiana: Historic Houses 2

505 North Main Street
Source: printed out in 2011 photo from 2009?







Campus Towers – Brewington Oaks

Campus Towers

by B. G. Gregg,  photo by Peter Kendall, both Register Star

“Campus Towers will now be known as Brewington Oaks Apartments, named for Al Brewington, a man who worked his way from maintenance man to second-in-charge in his 21 years with the organization.”

“Assistant Executive Director Brewington, 64, received the honor at a celebration of the Rockford Housing Authority’s 50th anniversary. The event was held at the building which now bears his name at 515 Seminary St.”

“Verni-Lau said Campus Towers, which recently underwent almost $1 million in renovations, was built in 1969 and received its name because Rockford College used to sit on the same site.”

Source: Rockford Register Star November 23, 1991