Rockford Labor News, 2-22-1974 – Page 2, “Inside Rockford”

Source: Rockford Labor News, 2/22/1974, page 2

Rockford Labor News, page 9 – Friday, Oct 27, 1972

Source: Rockford Labor News, The; Friday, October 27, 1972, page 9

Rockford Labor News – Friday, October 27, 1972 – Page 15

Source: The Rockford Labor News, Friday October 27, 1972, p 15

Rockford Labor News, page 3 – Friday, Oct. 27, 1972

Source:  Rockford Labor News, Friday, Oct. 27, 1972, Vol. LVIII, No. 43

Rockford Labor News, front page – Oct 27, 1972 issue

Source:  Rockford Labor News, Friday, October 27, 1972, Vol. LVIII No. 43,  front page

***Library staff did not find “the rest of the story” about the theater murder.  Perhaps the page has gone “missing” or was in too fragile condition.  The newspaper says “Please Turn to Page      ” without any page number added; perhaps there never was a continued article?



Bennett, John R. – from 1958 obituary

John R. Bennett, 41, 311 West Gate Pkwy., died June 14, 1958, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Born Feb. 15, 1927, in Rockford, son of Jack and Jacki Bennett

Married former Penne Caporali in Waukegan

Served as lieutenant in Army ordnance corps in WWII

Survived by widow and 3 daughters:  Jill, Jan and Jinx

Fred C. Olson Mortuary, Trinity Lutheran Church, Willwood Burial Park

Source: Rockford Morning Star, June 17, 1958, 8 B

Rockford Labor News, cover and p. 3 – 4/11/1958

Cover photo is NOT the headline title companion.  The photo is Sam Cooper and Muriel Burris, with Deputies Lester Krug and Ben Herbert.

Source: The Labor News, 4/11/1958

Photo at top of page is seven-year-old Charlotte Forbes being rushed from the police car to the emergency entrance of Rockford Memorial Hospital by Officer McGinnis. A boy threw a piece of glass, which hit her foot, and caused a severe laceration.

“Salesman accused by woman is mum during police quiz; she claims Night of Terror” is the story headlined on the front page.  Leonard Leo Palmeri Jr., used car salesman once arrested for extortion, after a teenage girl accused him of forcing her to pose for nude photos and then blackmailing her with them — was free on a 410,500 property bond after being charged this week by a divorcee with one of the most terrorizing attacks police are able to recall.

“State’s Attorney John Anderson approved the issuing of warrants charging Palmeri  with rape, crime against nature and burglary.

“He was seized by Detectives Nick Dobnick and Richard McLee at the used car lot where he is employed on Broadway.  His address was listed at 918 North Ave…….”