“Hunt Death Booze Source Here” – 1929, Prohibition

Source: Rockford Daily Republic,  March 5, 1929

“Wet Ruling Gives Power to Sheriff” – 1920

Source:  The Rockford Republic newspaper Sept. 9, 1920, Page 1


The Mob in Rockford – 1984, Pt. 2 of Series

Source:  Rockford Register Star 3/4/1984

Joe Giovingo murder, 1930 – Prohibition, Chicago gang

Gangland murder of Joe Giovingo, 8-14-1930, corner of Morgan and S. Main Sts,

Excellent quality photographs from Midway Village Museum

See pages 113 – 120

Murder and Mayhem in Rockford, Illinois  by Kathi Kresol

R364.977331 KRESOL

“Chicago in the 1930’s” – Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia



Joseph Giovingo connection to Graham Ginestra house 1922-24

“Alleged bootlegger” Joseph Giovingo,  brother of Paul Giovingo “bootlegger’s bootlegger” lived (rented?) at the Graham-Ginestra Home, 1215 S. Main St., as did Leonard Ginestra, 1922-23-24.

Source: Rockford City Directories

Volstead Act

16 January 1919 Nebraska, prohibiting the sale of alcoholic drink

Named after Andrew Volstead Rep. congressman from Minnesota

National Prohibition Act – 28 Oct 1919

Act vetoed by President Wilson

Volstead named Wayne B. Wheeler, Anti-Saloon League, as force in passing Act

Defined intoxicating liquor as more than .5%

Aimed at producer, dealer, trafficker not individual consumer

Act allowed heads of families to make up to 200 gallons/yr. of fruit juice for consumption in the home.

See also Wills-Campbell Act (1921)     See also Jones Act (1929)

Up to 6 months imprisonment or $1,000 for first offense

Association Against the Prohibition Amendment  1919

Source:  Internet  “A History of Wine in America”  Thomas Pinney  (2006)