Green River News, May 19, 1944 – Green River Ordnance Plant, 8 pages

Source: copy loaned to library to scan and put online

“Stalled bond sales delay Metro Centre; Lawsuit filed” – May 1978, April 1978

Source: Rockford Morning Star 5/17/1978

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 4/11/1978

“White: City Not Ready for Metro Centre” – 2/15/1978

Source: Rockford Morning Star 2/15/1978

“What’s potential for (Metro) center users?” and “Metro Center Model” 1977

Source: Articles – Rockford Register-Republic 3/4/1977

Model – Rockford Morning Star 3.30/1977

“Civic center bill is voided; $15 million lost to city in ruling” – Nov. 1975

Source: Rockford Register-Republic 11/25/1975

and in Rockfordiana:  Municipal Centers – 1, pp 82-83



“Civic Center bill means six months of frenzy here” – 1974

Source:  “Civic Center Plans Alive”….Rockford Register-Republic 3/25/1974

“Civic center bill means six months of frenzy here” …   Rockford Register-Republic 9/4/1974

“Wins Nazi Helmet for War Bond Sales” – 1944

Nazi helmet

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 6/11/1944

Text:  “Russell Putnam, 807 Ashland Avenue, a 6th grade student at the is receiving a captured German helmet from Polly Meshkoff, 1514 Evergreen street for selling the most war bonds and stamps at Welsh school during May.  Polly’s father, Capt. Peter Meshkoff, sent the helmet from Italy. Watching the presentation is Miss Evelyn Anderson Welsh school vice-principal.”