On the Waterfront, 2012 – Schedules – performers and attractions

Source: The Rock River Times, August 29 – Sept. 4, 2012 (both attachments)


On the Waterfront, color promotional brochure/card – 2011

Source:  Promotional card/flyer produced through On The Waterfront Inc




Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful, Medication Collection – June 9 2018

Source: The Rock River Times. May 30, 2018, page 11

Andra Martin, actress, born in Rockford, IL

Andra Martin:  born July 15, 1935 in Rockford, Illinois. Actor/Director. Voice of Mama Gromble in Aaaaah! Real Monsters!

Photo source:  www.imdb.com

James Garner’s leading lady in the film “Up, Periscope!”

Daughter/secretary in the Perry Mason TV series: “The Case of the Prodigal Parent.”

She also played Wahleeah in “Yellowstone Kelley.” 1959

Birth name: Sandra Rehn.  Married 3 times: Philip Stein, 1970 – present; David May II and Ty Hardin.

Source: Wikipedia.com


from www.imdb.com:

A Fever in His Blood   1961

Street of Sinners    1957

The Roaring 20’s 1960-1962 TV

Wagon Train, TV epidsode

Bachelor Father 1961 TV

Perry Mason, TV epidsode

Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, TV episode

Wells Fargo, TV episode

Maverick, TV episode