Rockford Labor News, Feb. 22, 1974 – Chicago Auto Show


Source: The Rockford labor news, Feb. 22, 1974, Page B-5

S. Main St., 200 Block< Odd Numbers of addresses - 1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

So. Main St. between Elm St. and Chestnut St.

Source:  1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

From 1928 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory, page 1033:  Occupants (below)

201 S Main     –     Mid West Piggly Wiggley

203 S Main     –     James H. Farley, Banzai Lo Restaurant (owner S K Onishi)

205 S Main     –     Salamone & Sons meat market, also Dr. R S Grant

207 S Main     –     Hobart Print Shop, Rockford Army and Navy Supply

209 S Main     –     Pinkney’s Marble Grill, Illinois Hotel

211 S Main     –     Vacant

213 S Main     –     Henry Clay Shoe Store, Joe Rallo

215 S Main     –     Petritz Clothing Co.

217 S Main    –      Rockford Trunk and Leather Goods Co Inc

219 S Main    –      Muscle Shoals Cooperative Syndicate

221 S Main    –      Masters Shoe Co.

223 S Main    –      Dr. P. G. Luomons, A R Matts

225 S Main    –      Mrs. Jessie McRae, N J Metropolos

227 S Main    –      Main Hat Shop

229 S Main    –      Rice Accessory Co.





Burritt Township, Winnebago County – 2012 Land Atlas and Plat

Source: Winnebago County, Illinois, 2012 Land Atlas and Plat Book, page 16

Compiled and Published by Rockford Map Publishers, Inc.,

Distributed by Winnebago County Farm Bureau, 1925 South Meridian Road, Rockford, IL  61101

Book also includes an aerial map of Burritt Township, page 17

Names indicate property owner/tax payer

The number following the name of property owner or Trustee is the number of acres in that plot.  Some people own several unconnected plots of land and the number indicates acres in that specific plot.

Rockford Furniture Factories Map – Nov., 1926

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald, Nov. 1926, page 7

Railroads, IL 1976 – Abbreviations for RR Lines, Freight and Passenger

This list includes Railroad Companies that are located in Illinois and also those with HQ in other states that transport freight or passengers in Illinois.  This list is of those who operated in Illinois in 1976.

Source:  Illinois; an atlas by Charles W. Collins    c. 1976 pages 6 and 7       R912.773 COL

Map 1 above

Map 2 above

Map 3 above




Winnebago County Illinois Land Atlas and Plat Book 1976 – Seward Twsp

Source: Winnebago County Illinois Land Atlas & Plat Book, 1976  Distributed by Winnebago County 4-H Clubs  Published Map Publishers Inc.

Sections 1 – 26  are keyworded

Harlem Township Plat Map – 1930’s

Source: Plat Map of Winnebago County, Illinois

Exact year not known, various landmarks in book, such as Willwood Cemetery and Seward Bluff Forest Preserve indicate the maps were post-1929 and pre-1941.  Guilford Township merged into Rockford Township.

**Rockford Municipal Airport was operated by Fred Machesney, who also was a sales representative for airplane sales.  It was used for pilot training including to WWII Camp Grant pilots. Greater Rockford Airport, now Chicago Rockford International Airport, was created after World War II when Camp Grant land was deed to Rockford for an airport.    Many people referred to the earlier Rockford Municipal Airport as Machesney Airport, to distinguish from Rockford Airport.