“Metro tax endorsed by council” – April 1978

Source: Rockford Morning Star 4/4/1978; by Tom Schafer

“McGaw asks industrialist aid on civic center” – 9-30-1974

“The mayor said he is also contemplating a restaurant and liquor tax to help pay the local share”       [was this via Home Rule?   Did Mayor McGaw run for re-election?  Was he re-elected?]

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic 9/30/1974

also, Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers-1, p 65


“Wet Ruling Gives Power to Sheriff” – 1920

Source:  The Rockford Republic newspaper Sept. 9, 1920, Page 1


Graham, Freeman

not in 1857 City Directory

Source: 1857 Rockford City Directory

1859-60, 1866  City Directory lists Graham as foreman, Talcott, Emerson & Co.

Source: 1859 – 1860 1866 Rockford City Directory

and Julia, and 5 children are in 1860 census here

Source: 1860 Federal Census

came to Beloit in 1855, and engaged in the implement business and 4 sons, Freeman, Byron, Julius and David, launched Graham Cotton Mills, Graham Distillery and paper mills

cotton mills, (Graham & Sons) resident 905 So main St.

Source: 1869 Rockford City Directory pg. 235


Graham, Byron

2 articles “Byron Graham, Old Distiller, Dies Today” married Miss Mary L. Hyatt at Emmanuel church Feb 12, 1863. Two children.

Source: Rockford Register Republic 11/16/1922 & Rockfordiana-Biography-Graham

bkkpr res w s of Winnebago, near Kent St on w s

Source: 1866 City Directory

agent, (Emerson & Co.) residence No. 1003 South Winnebago St.

Source: 1869 Rockford City Directory