R. H. Tinker Injured Well Known Citizen Struck by a Central Train March 3, 1900

Source: The Rockford Daily Register Gazette    March 3, 1900  pg.2

Polio Epidemic that beseiged Rockford and territory July 2, 1945

Source:Rockford Register Star     January 15, 1946   pg. 5

Being a Boy in Old Rockford Number 206 Ransom’s Sanitarium

Source:  The Rockford Morning Star   Sunday, September 28, 1913  p.22

Plague Toll Continues Heavy Within City October 11, 1918

Source: Rockford Morning Star   October 11, 1918

Veterans Who Have Passed: Joan Marie (Ralston) Duchon

Source:  Rockford Register Star, Feb. 2, 2020.