Rockford Female Seminary

Chartered in 1847        Source:  page 6, 1857 City Directory

Chartered  2/25/1847         Source:


Founded by Mrs. Anna P. Sill, as a collegiate institute for women. Halls, furniture, cabinets, library, apparatus the “fruit of Christian benevolence,”    Source:  1872-3 City Directory, page 22


Miss Phila D. Pope – 1889

Source:  Rockford Morning Star, March 1889

Mrs. James Pope Campbell moved to Colorado very soon after marriage, and is missing from mention in Rockford newspapers until 1931 when she attended a Rockford Female Seminary/Rockford College Reunion picnic.  She appears in a group photograph in the newspaper attending the 1931 Reunion picnic.

Rockford Female Seminary, view looking North East – illustration

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Rockford Female Seminary – Chapter 2, pt. 1 Anna Peck Sill

All pages are from Rockford College; a retrospective look, copyright 1980 by C. Hjalmer (Hal) Nelson and Rockford College   R378.77331 R682 (Local History collection)

Chapter 2 continues in an additional post in the database.

Anna Peck Sill is buried in Greenwood Cemetery under a monument designed by Architect of the chapel in Greenwood Cemetery.




Rockford Female Seminary – 1892 became Rockford College


From: Rockford College ; a Retrospective Look

The four pages below are from Chapter 1 by Virginia Clark, Rockford Female Seminary


Rockford Female Seminary – Location

Rockford Female Seminary began in the 1800’s, eventually became Rockford College, which was for young women only, later became a co-ed school for young men and young women, and still later became Rockford University.

The original address was “Seminary between Bluff and Division St.” and kept that address at least through 1894-95 Rockford City Directory.  People today, in 2016, may be familiar with the Winnebago County Health Dept. at 401 Division St., nearby the former Rockford Female Seminary location.

By 1930’s Rockford City Directory it was more specific and listed as 527 Bluff St.  Bluff St. was later renamed as College Ave.  Seminary St. is also nearby.  Most of the buildings were razed, and only one still exists:  the William Sherratt Hall.




John Hall Sherratt – “A Noble Life at an End” – 1906



Source:  Rockford Daily Republic March 16, 1906