Sledding past gang graffiti, Sunset Park, as found in Rockford, Big Town, Little City, by Pat Cunningham.


This building is the bottom half of what was the Sunset Park shelter house, as identified by Jean Lythgoe. Compare with the 1917 photograph of Sunset Park and the partial photo of this one Note the concession window, the door, and the smaller window. The two other photos mentioned can be found in the Local History database.

The Mob in Rockford – 1984, Pt. 2 of Series

Source:  Rockford Register Star 3/4/1984

Al Capone – Jan. 1928

capone - 1

Source:  Rockford Daily Republic January 5, 1928

Capone - 2

Source:  Rockford Daily Republic January 23, 1928

Capone - 3

Source:  Rockford Morning Star January 27, 1928