Reverend Eldridge H. E. Gilbert – 6-19-1972

Source: Rockford Register-Republic 6-19-1972


Eldridge H. E. Gilbert, 1967 and “Gilberts Visit Africa, Mideast” 1969

Sources: Eldridge H. E. Gilbert, Rockford Morning Star 4/20-21/1967

“Gilberts visit Africa, Mideast” Rockford Morning Star 1/11/1969


Oscar De Priest

from Scotty Kirkland “Pink Sheets and Black Ballots: Politics and Civil Rights in Mobile, Alabama, 1945 – 1985” Thesis, University of South Alabama, 2009, p. 35; sent to the library by former newspaper editor Ralph Poore.

In the summer of 1931, Mobile NAACP secretary John “LeFlore and others had begun their attempts to revitalize the branch. They arranged a visit by Oscar DePriest, the first African-American Congressmen elected since Reconstruction, in an effort to renew their membership campaign. DePriest’s visit exposed internal divisions between LeFlore and other NAACP members. The Congressman’s record of speaking out against segregation alarmed some black ministers who feared white reprisal. Several ministers who were also NAACP board members had arranged for the Congressman to speak in their churches throughout the day but withdrew their invitations due to intimidation by white leaders and the local Ku Klux Klan. A deeply embarrassed LeFlore arranged for a consolidated meeting at a local Catholic church.”


Rockford Streamlined, 1834 – 1941 – Title page, & sample

Source: Title Page of Rockford Streamlined, 1834 – 1941


Source: Sample of style in this book.   Some parts of this book are in this Local History Database, but certainly not all.

F. Ford Rowe was primary known for his photography in this and other books.  The Chamber of Commerce is also credited for their editing and contributions to this book.  Copyright 1941

But is there conflicting information? According to We Remember (book) and various newspaper articles, it was the daughter of James Williams (3 of his daughters graduated from Rockford High School) who married Chicago Alderman and later U S Congressman from Illinois (1929 – 1935) Oscar Stanton DePriest.

Source of Above and Below: We, the People of Winnebago County; C. Hal Nelson, editor; Publisher: Winnebago County Bicentennial Commission

According to legal records kept by the Winnebago County Clerk of Marriage Records in Winnebago County IL,

Jessie Lorenia Williams married Oscar De Priest, in Winnebago County,  Feb. 23, 1898




Rockford Pink Stockings

also known as The Rockfords, 1868-1870, “game of ball between colored boys”

Source: Winnebago County Chief newspaper 10/8/1868

a game with the “Atlantics” of Beloit mentioned in The Register, August 25, 1870 p 112 only roster known published in Chicago Tribune August 24, 1870: Armstrong, Winn, Williams p 112-3 inspired and possibly supported by the Forest City club; wore blue cap, white shirt, blue pants, pink socks played Chicago Blue Stockings Aug 1 1870 at the Fair Grounds, line scores published In Rockford newspapers

Source:  “African-Americans in Early Rockford” 977.331 M731a by John Molyneaux, pp 112-115

Camp Grant

Source: postcard for sale on photo is from 1917

Source: Rockford Register Republic 3/2/1941

Source: above photos of baseball players, from Camp Grant Clippings April 20, 1942 – July 7, 1942

Source: Rockford Register Republic 4/29/1942 & Camp Grant Clippings April 20, 1942 – 7-Jul-42

Source: Camp Grant Clippings April 20, 1942 – 7-July 1942

Source: Camp Grant Clippings April 20, 1942 – 7-Jul- 1942

Source: Rockford Morning Star 12/11/1957

Source: Rock River Times November 10-16, 2010 Vol. 18, No. 3