Six Flags takes over at Magic Waters

Six Flags took over management of Magic Waters after signing a 10-year contract to lease the park from the Rockford Park District. It will be known as Six Flags Magic Waters. Rockford Park District Board president Ian Linnabary, Six Flags Great America Park president Hank Salemi and Six Flags Magic Waters general manager Hope Edwards are in the photo. Source: Rockford Register Star, April 18, 2019.

Sledding past gang graffiti, Sunset Park, as found in Rockford, Big Town, Little City, by Pat Cunningham.


This building is the bottom half of what was the Sunset Park shelter house, as identified by Jean Lythgoe. Compare with the 1917 photograph of Sunset Park and the partial photo of this one Note the concession window, the door, and the smaller window. The two other photos mentioned can be found in the Local History database.

“Davis Park-depot plans get$1M from state” – 2012

Source: Rockford Register Star, Saturday, May 12, 2012 p 3A

“Burr Planning Homes Costing Over $100,000” – 1928, Architect W. J. Van Der Meer

Source: Rockford Republic newspaper, Friday, August 31, 1928