Rockford Civic Newcomers Club – July 1993, The Acquainter

Source: Rockford Civic Newcomers Club, July 1993 Acquainter (donation of)





Rockford Tornado Loss Will Reach Quarter Million” – 1913, Rockford

According to the Inflation Calculator at a quarter million dollars in 1913 would be damage cost of $6,293,906.75 in 2017.

Source: The Rockford Republic July 9, 1973

“Good Fellowship Club, Hess Store, Has Picnic Tonight” – 1922

Source:  Rockford Daily Register-Gazette, July 20, 1922

Rockford Garden Club, 1997-1998 – Programs

Source: Rockford Garden Club 1997-1998 Member Booklet of Programs and Projects and Members


Gerry, Eldridge “Elbie” – 2016 obituary


Source:  Rockford Register Star 9/28/2016

Elbridge Gerry’s wife, Barbara, is the author of  Rockford Sock Monkey books.

Rockford Civic Newcomers Association – Cruise on Lake Geneva



Donation from Rockford Civic Newcomers Association

News article dated July 23, 1970

Gipsy (steamboat) – 1838, drawing


Source:  Historical “Firsts” of Rockford, artwork by J. Lawrence Herzog  R977.331 H582h for First National Bank and Trust, 1974.    Oversize, fragile condition.

First steamboat from Alton, IL to Rockford, 1838.

We question the length and whether it was as elaborate as drawn, carried 16 tons of goods for Dr. George Haskell.