Veterans Who Have Passed–Daniel H. Reilly


“Units March in Bowl Thursday” – 1943, Camp Grant

Camp Grant

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic, Sept. 14, 1943

“Rockford Cheers Camp Grant Soldiers on Parade” – 1944

Memorial Day Parade CG

Source: The Sentinel (newspaper of Camp Grant) June 6, 1944

Text below photograph reads: “Crowds line Rockford streets to watch Memorial Day parade in which Camp Grant was represented by the 26th Battalion and Company A of the 29th. A unit from Camp Grant is shown in the photograph. A large retreat parade, attended by civilians and leaders of war veterans’ was held in camp to mark the holiday.”

Barnum & Bailey Circus – 1911, Parade Route


Source:  The Rockford Republic newspaper, June 20, 2011