“The Way We Were,” Oregon, 1910-11; Lorado Taft named it the “Eternal Indian,” most of us call it “Black Hawk Statue”

Source: Rockford Register Star, May 14, 1990

Steam plumes from the two towers at the Byron Nuclear Power Plant, photo taken from the Jefferson Street Bridge, 17 miles upstream as the crow flies


One can just make out the two plumes of steam from the two towers. Note the State Street, Chestnut Street and railroad bridges in the photo, as well as the News Tower and the Founders Landing Building at Davis Park.

Source: Photographed from the Jefferson Street Bridge, August 26, 2021, by Jean Lythgoe

James E Marston Trims Whiskers 43 Years

Being a Boy in Old Rockford Number 206 Ransom’s Sanitarium

Source:  The Rockford Morning Star   Sunday, September 28, 1913  p.22