Memorial Honors 600



Source:  Watson, Andrea V; Yates, Jeff; Rockford Register Star, Aug. 1, 2021.

Civil War substitutes

Rockford Register, September 3, 1864, p.3 (Rockford Weekly Register-Gazette)

County’s First Census in 1835

Source: Rockford Register-Republic, May 3, 1940

Early Day Rockford Narrowly Escaped Going to Wisconsin

Source: Rockford Register-Republic, May 10, 1940

R. Robert Funderburg Forest Preserve unveiled


Winnebago County, Illinois map, 1870

Source: 1870 Winnebago County, Illinois Map, showing former townships of New Milford (annexed 1916)  and Guilford (annexed 1929), now part of Rockford Township.

Veterans Who Have Passed–John DiGiovanni

Source:  Rockford Register Star, Mar. 11, 2020.