When history flew over Rockford; aviators have been challenging Rockford skies since 1855.

Rockford aviation history dates back to August 14, 1855, when balloonist  Silas M. Brooks ascended into the sky with a balloon, the “Comet,” sewn for him by Rockford women. Bessie Faith Medlar Raiche became the first woman aviatrix in America when she flew in 1910. Fred Machesney and Bert R. J. “Fish” Hassell, Parker “Shorty” Cramer, Admiral George J. Dufek,  four-star General Laurence S. Kuter, Major General Fred J. Ascani, Brigadier General Lewis Stocking, Elizabeth “Libby” Gardner and Ben Abruzzo are some of the names from Rockford aviation history. Source: Rockford Register Star, May 13, 1997, written by Julie Snively.

Rockford airport to add 500 jobs

Job expansion continues at the Chicago Rockford International airport with Pinnacle Logistics hiring both permanent and seasonal workers. Amazon’s Prime Air cargo fleet and USP are growing. A $9 million federal grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation was announced by Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth and Representative Cheri Bustos.

Source: Rockford Register Star, May 16, 2019

Lands First Plane on New Camp Field

On December 31, 1947, Frank Lindgren flew his Piper Cub from Franklyn field in Cherry Valley to the new Greater Rockford Airport, becoming the first pilot to land at the new airport. The Camp Grant land had been formally turned over to the airport authority by the war assets administration. Rockford Morning Star, Jan. 1, 1948

Studio Gang Wins Major Design Competition for Chicago O’Hare Airport, Architectural Digest, March 2019


An aerial view of Studio Gang’s Y-shaped airport, a design that’s reminiscent of the Chicago Municipal Device.All renderings are courtesy of Studio ORD

Studio Gang Wins Major Design Competition for Chicago O’Hare Airport Expansion, Architectural Digest

Studio Gang beat out the likes of Santiago Calatrava; Norman Foster; and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill to win the $8.5 billion project

By John Gendall

March27, 2019

When the city of Chicago determined to build a major expansion of O’Hare Airport by adding a new Global Terminal, it launched an international competition, soliciting expertise from around the world. As announced today by Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, the winner of the competition, Studio ORD, comes with a made-in-Chicago imprimatur. Led by Chicago architect Jeanne Gang, Studio ORD, as the competition team called itself, consists of several companies,

including Studio Gang, Solomon Cordwell Buenz, Corgan, Milhouse Engineering and Construction, and another local design firm, STL Architects. As Emanuel said in a statement, “The City of Chicago called up on teams from across the city and around the world to lead O’Hare’s historic expansion, and Studio ORD answered that call.”

A central oculus features a six-pointed skylight, referencing the geometry of the stars found on Chicago’s flag.

Set to break ground in 2023, the project will add a 2.2 million-square-foot Global Terminal and Concourse—at a cost of $2.2 billion. The designers laid out the terminal as a Y shape. This will not only maximize runway adjacency, but it also references Chicago’s identity. When seen from above, the shape resembles Chicago’s official symbol, the Y shape of the Chicago River. “As a native Chicagoan, I understand deeply the importance of O’Hare to our city’s identity,” said Gang in a statement.

Chicago’s O’Hare is the third most trafficked airport in the country, behind Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Inside the proposed building, a soaring roof will be supported by slender Y-shaped columns. Lush plantings under a wood ceiling will create an environment meant to offset the stress of air travel. A vast central skylight will provide a naturally lit space. The project is part of a $8.5 billion expansion to O’Hare’s Terminal 2, which, together with Studio ORD’s new building, will integrate international and domestic operations at O’Hare.

At 2.2 million square feet, the new terminal will offer twice the space of the previous one.

The announcement of Studio ORD’s winning proposal comes as the culmination of an international design competition. In January 2019, the city shortlisted five teams: Studio ORD, SOM, Santiago Calatrava, a joint venture led by Colorado-based Fentress Architects, and a partnership between Foster + Partners, Epstein, Moreno. As Emanuel put it, Studio ORD had “the experience, expertise, and the talent needed to work with the City of Chicago as we usher in a new era at O’Hare.”




“Hotels lose without Waterfront, Airfest” – 2013


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Source: Rockford Register Star 8/11/2013



Boy Scouts of America; Celebrating a Century of Character Building – Northwest Quarterly, Fall 2010

Source: Northwest Quarterly, Fall 2010, Pages 142-144 shown; actual article continues



Rockford Police Relief Association, 42nd Biennial Ball – 1986, p 49

Source:  Rockford Police Relief Association. 42nd Biennial Ball, May 23, 1986, Forest Hills Lodge