Jefferson High School, 1984 – Seniors Ad – Biel

Source: Jefferson High School, 1984 Flight Yearbook, Seniors Ad – Biel


“Expect to Have Hospital Ready in Two Months” – 1953

Source: Rockford Morning Star, May 24, 1953

“Razing of I.C. Depot Nears Completion” – 1953

Caption under photograph reads:

“Work of razing the ancient Illinois Central railroad station on S. Main st., erected in 1888, is nearing completion, and construction of a new $100,000 terminal is expected to begin soon.  Progress of demolition work is shown here.”

Source:  Rockford Morning Star July 26, 1953

“Historic Home Will Be Razed by Hinchliffs” – 1951

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 11/9/1951