Guilford High School, 2007 – Seniors: Cros – Fie

Source:  Guilford High School, 2007 Valhalla Yearbook, Seniors: Cros – Fie, page 31

“Hanley’s removal not urban renewal” – 1993, Chuck Sweeney

Source:  Sunday Rockford Register Star, July 11, 1993

Blackhawk Furniture Co., ad – November, 1926

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald, November 1926, Page 15

Blackhawk Furniture Co., D R Peterson, pres; P H Palmer v-pres; O E Landstrom, treas; D W Lundquist sec; 159 Morgan St.            Source: 1926 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory



Historic Magnus Farm, Arlington Heights – 1959 and 2017

The Moorings of Arlington Heights is located on 45 acres formerly part of the Old Magnus Farm.  The Mooring is gated retirement community and nursing home/assisted living.  The Moorings of Arlington Heights, 811 E. Central Rd., Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005.

the Old Magnus Farm Round Barn still exists and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1992. Also located at 811 E. Central Rd., Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Source:  Rockford Morning Star December 4, 1959

The Old Magnus Farm was owned and operated by Alexander B. Magnus until 1965.  Alexander B. Magnus was succeed in farm ownership and management by his son, Alexander Benzine Magnus Jr., b. 3 Mar 1926, d. 21 Aug 2002.

Rockford Machine & Tool Company – 1941

Script under photo says:  Top row- Rockford Machine & Tool Co.; Bottom Row: Machine Tools (Iron Working Machines): “Hy-Draulic” Shapers – Shaper Planers – Planers and Slotters

Source:  Rockford Streamlined, by Rockford Chamber of Commerce, c. 1941  Page 45

Rockford Machine Tool Co., H B Newton, president and Genl Mgr; G J Landstrom sec; Alice E. Olson, treas; 2500 Kishwaukee St.  Source: 1941 Polk’s Rockford City Directory

Rockford Machine Tool Co. ad, also from 1941 Polk’s Rockford City Directory below.



Testor Cement Co. – 1941

Source: Rockford Streamlined 1834 – 1941; Rockford Chamber of Commerce; c. 1941 ; Page 45

Testor Cement Co., Nils F Testor, pres; Eliz Testor, sec; H K Bergholtz, treas; 2305 Charles St.  Source:  1941 Polk’s Rockford City Directory

Brian Anderson – 1954 – 2017

Source: Rockford Register Star 6/22/2017