“McNamara tells Realtors home rule is a necessity” – Nov. 20, 1982

Source: Rockford Register Star Nov. 20, 1982

Letter to the Editor: “Home Rule Opposed” – 1982, Jeff Jury

Source:  Rockford Register Star, Oct. 16, 1982

“League reaffirms home-rule support” – 1982

Source: Rockford Register Star Nov. 19, 1982


“Chamber votes to endorse returning home rule powers to Rockford” – 2018, The Voice

Source:  The Voice, February 2018, Vol. 31, No. 2

“Home Rule high on Council’s Mind” – 2018, by Jim Hagerty, The Rock RIver Times

Source: The Rock RIver Times, January 31, 2018, Vol. 25, No. 16; Article by Jim Hagerty

Maryville, formerly Durand farm school, formerly Winnebago County Farm School – 1987

Source: Rockford Register Star, May 30, 1987, by Sherri Pinkston

“County Removes Limits on Deed” – Jan. 1965

Source: Rockford Morning Star January 14, 1965

Last newspaper entry as Winnebago County Farm School was in 1966

In 1987, It was called Maryville who bought the “Durand farm school.”

Winnebago County Farm School buildings – 1907 and 1942 photos

Both pictures were from the Rockford Register Republic, 5/19/1942, and printed side by side, the 1907 picture above on the left, and the 1942 picture on the right.  The caption continues across the page.

The caption states that the farm school was originally organized to “rehabilitate dependent”  boys.  Not many years later, the term was changed to “delinquent” boys, for offenses punishable by law.