East High School, 1958 – Seniors: Hall – Houg, p 68

Source:  East High School, 1958 Argus Yearbook, Seniors:  Hall – Houg, page 68

East High School, 1958 – Seniors: Geor – Hall, p 67

Source:  East High School, 1958 Argus Yearbook, Seniors: Geor – Hall, page 67

“Civic Center financing asked” and also “Vets’ protests is ridiculous. mayor claims” – Oct., 1974

Vets’ protest article continues below

Source:  “Civic center financing asked”  from Rockford Morning Star, 10/1/1974

“Vets’ protest is ridiculous, mayor claims”  from “Rockford Register-Republic 10/8/1974

also found in Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers-1, pp 66 and 67


“McGaw asks industrialist aid on civic center” – 9-30-1974

“The mayor said he is also contemplating a restaurant and liquor tax to help pay the local share”       [was this via Home Rule?   Did Mayor McGaw run for re-election?  Was he re-elected?]

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic 9/30/1974

also, Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers-1, p 65


“Civic center approval spurs local planning” – September 1974

Source : Rockford Morning Star 9/8?/1974

****Also in Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers – 1, pp 62 and 64, although the parts do not seem to flow together