Rockford Desk and Furniture Co. – 1891

Rockford Desk and Furniture Co. Located on No. 2nd St., in the Knightville Addition. Capital $50,000.  The officers are: A. P. Floberg, President; Robert Bauch, Vice-President; O. Bergquist, Secretary and Treasurer. Manufacture a line of desks, secretaries, combination, library and extension tables.  Their annual product will aggregate $110,000; employ 115 hands, with an annual pay roll of $55,000.  Their factory building is brick veneered, 65 x 120 feet in size and four stories high.

Source: “Industrial and Picturesque Rockford,” by Eugene Browne and F. Ford Rowe, 1891.

1920 Rockford City Directory lists address as 1102 No. Second St.