Wigell, Oscar, home – Frank A. Carpenter architect

1010 No. Second St., architect’s drawings, Feb. 2, 1907, by Frank A. Carpenter, for Oscar Wigell, President of the Haddorff Piano retail salesroom/store.

Wilgell - 1

below: 2nd story had 3 family bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 servants bedroom, 1 guest bedroom, a den and an outside balcony with roof

Wigell - 2

also 2nd floor: servants room and den, below

Wigell - 3

Current owner of house in 2014:  Gary G. Carlson, Gary Carlson Motors

Below: Kitchen and pantry in “basement” level. Sink counter covered in zinc.

Wigell - 4

First Floor rooms include this library and sewing room, a living and a dining room…

Wigell - 5

There were two sources of heating fuel: one for the kitchen and 1 for heating the house, storage in basement, picture below:

Wigell - 6

The architect’s logo/signature on the plans, below:


The attic had finished and unfinished area, such as for catching rain water, a.k.a. “indoor plumbing.”  The Billiard Room was a finished  in the attic.

Wigell - 8

In the cellar there was a “cold” vegetable storage room and also an ash room for fireplace and fuel remains.