Guilford Rd., 5799

Guilford Rd., 5799

Rockford Township Assessor lists as built in 1955/56.  The houses on Guilford Rd. were in Rural Delivery 4 by the Post Office and many did not have street numbers east of Alpine Rd. until the mid-1960’s.  Many houses were built between Alpine and Mulford Rd. between 1956 and 1970.

John A. Johnson jr, and wife Eleanor H (co-owner of Johnson and Johnson, real estate sales and insurance) lived there from 1958 until 1972.  He did not live there 1956-1957. Son, Pvt. James A. Johnson, completed advanced infantry training, Rockford Register Star July 5, 1968.  John A. Johnson jr. was a Finalist Award Recipient for 1971 Sales Performance from The Bussian Agency (insurance).

Maxie B. Arnold and wife Delsie, sales manager for Sperry New Holland, were the next homeowners, 1973 – ?   Reader Editorial in Rockford Register-Republic Dec. 16, 1974   “Time to Remember Plight of Farmer”

Guilford, 5799 RTA

Detached frame garage built 1973.

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Guilford Rd.,, 5799 WIngis

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