Ingersoll Centennial Park – text

residences occupied Block 13, lots 1- 10, location of Ingersoll Centennial Park, 1987 and after.

the lots became a parking lot between the years occupied by residences and Ingersoll Centenial Park.

In 1987, the property was owned by Ingersoll Milling Machine Co., who celebrated their 100th year in business, which is the reason for naming it Centennial. Ingersoll rented the property to the Rockford Park District for 10 years at $1 a year.  This was (immediately) named Ingersoll Centennial Park. There were no other names for the park or prior parking lot.  It was a parking lot when it was rented to the Park District.

The park is 2.5 acres.

Sources: “Building a Lasting Dream” book and a several newspaper articles.