World War II military boot camps – Navy, Marines

U.S. Navy Boot Camp:  length of time of boot camp, was 6 weeks plus or minus 2 weeks depending on the Navy’s need for men in the fleet.  Navy boot camps were in San Diego, CA; Bainbridge, MD; Newport, R.I.; and Great Lakes, IL.  Three more were added during WWII: Norfolk, VA; Sampson, NY and Farragut, ID.  Lake Pend Oreille (also spelled O’Reilles) in Farragut State Park, ID,  had the depth for submarine training.

U.S. Marine Boot Camp varied by year and location:

1939:     4 weeks, Parris Island

1940:     6 weeks, Parris Island

1941:     7 weeks, San Diego, CA

1942:     5 weeks, San Diego, CA

1943:     7 weeks, San Diego, CA

1944-45:  8 weeks, San Diego, CA

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