Col. Elmer Ellsworth gunshot – Chappel painting

Ellsworth v

Ellsworth and Co. G were near Alexandria, the men fuming at the sight of a Confederate flag fluttering from the top of Marshall House (hotel).

The story – the Ellsworth and a small party of others, had set out for the purpose of cutting wires  in the telegraph office.  When the Col. saw the Secession flag, flying within sight of the President’s house, Ellsworth went to the hotel. He and few others, climbed to the roof, took down the flag and started back down the stairs.  A man jumped out from a dark passage and shot Ellsworth. James W. Jackson, the proprietor of the house, shot Ellsworth. He died. His body was taken to the White House to lie in state.

Source:  Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, by Ruth Painter Randall, 1960.  Text below picture reads:  ” An engraving from the painting by Alonzo Chappel. The man in shirt sleeves, James W. Jackson, has just fired the fatal shot. Reading up, the men at the stairs are Corporal Francis E. Brownell, Colonel Ellsworth, and Edward H. House, correspondent of the New York Tribune. The top two figures are Lieutenant H.J. Winser and Chaplain E.W. Dodge.”  Picture by courtesy of Louis Ellsworth Laflin; original painting at the Chicago Historical Society.

Ellsworth Place in Rockford, Illinois is named after Col. Elmer Ellsworth.