Hall and Abramson houses – aerial, 1953

Hall House 1953 aerial

Source: Aerial photographs. This photograph taken Dec. 7, 1953

The West-East road about 1/3 up from bottom of photograph is Spring Creek Rd.  In the upper left corner are the railroad tracks and No. Second St.  From the left are the Roy Hall house, which was vacant and about to be razed so the cloverleaf could be built, listed as 230 Spring Creek Rd. in the 1953 Polk’s Rockford City Directory.  The house in the center was occupied by Mrs. Gertrude Abramson, at 312 Spring Creek rd. This house was razed to add to the Anderson Gardens complex. The house farthest east was occupied by Frank C Franzen and wife Gertrude. He was the president of Forgings and Stampings Inc, and resided at 318 Spring Creek Rd.  This house has also been razed.   Source:  1953 Polk’s Rockford City Directory