“Lathrop House,” 1231 National Ave. – Lawrence Buck, architect

Lathrop House

Source: Jan Carter photo 11/30/15

This house was originally built for Julia Lathrop and Anne Lathrop Case, but by 1910 when it was completed, including bricks and wood paneling from their childhood home in Rockford, Julia was living with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lathrop, at 1231 National Ave.  The house was designed by architect Lawrence Buck.

A newspaper article describes this house as being across the street from the then Brantingham house at 1201 National Ave., however the address was always on the river side of the street. Jean and I look in the 1928 Sanborn maps, and saw that Guard Street went all the way to the river at that time.  It was later that a house was built between the Brantingham and Lathrop house. Or there is a possibility that the newspaper made an error, since Guard St. was on the other side of the Brantingham house.

Todd Fendler has owned the house since 2012 according to Rockford Township Assessor.