St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School

Sisters of Loretto in charge, 118 So Winnebago

Source: 1951 Rockford City Directory

St. Mary's Roman Catholic School

1953 Class St Mary’s Elementary School

Source: Rockford Register Star 10/29/2009 People

St. Mary Roman Catholic School 1954

Source: Rockford Register Star 2/17/2011

School opened in September 1888 in the basement of the church. The Dominican Sisters from Sinsinawa taught in 4 rooms 1888. The Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt, New York, took over duties in 1906. In 1912 the Sisters of Loretto took charge.

Source: Nuggets of History, Autumn 1988

St. Mary's Church & School

Source: p 273 Golden Jubilee History of the Diocese of Rockford 1908-1958 R 282.9773 McD

St. Mary's Roman Catholic School

Source: maps street view

St. Mary's Roman Catholic School

Source: St. Mary Church 1885-1985 R282.77331 S157 front cover

126th Anniversary, celebrated with a Mass on Dec. 5 with breakfast afterward

Source: Rockford Schools Newletter Nov 2010