Garfield Ave., 608 – Harry B. North

608 Garfield – vacant lot in 1914, almost at the corner of Garfield and Ridge Ave.

608 Garfield: Harry B. North, wife Belle B. (Fisher and North, attorneys)   1915, 1916

608 Garfield: Harry B. North (wife Belle) (Fisher, North, Linscott and Gibboney, attorneys) 1917 – 1922

608 Garfield: Harry B. North (wife Belle) (Fisher, North, Linscott and Gibboney, attoneys, Forest City Bank Bldg.) 1923 – 25. The 1920 Federal Census lists Harry as age 47, Belle as age 44, daughter Marion as age 20, son Frank P. as age 18 and daughter Edna Jane as age 9 in 1920. Harry’s wife Belle Pardridge North died 12/28/1925, of cerebral hemorraghe,(with apoplexy) secondary cause diabetes according to her death certificate. [Burial in Greenwood Cemetery]

Mr. Harry B. North remarried a widow, Wilda Packard, in Chicago,  5/18/1927. She was executrix of the will, and her attornies were Fisher, North, Linscott and Gibbony.  After honeymooning at his summer house in Lake Geneva, WI, she moved to 608 Garfield Ave. According to the 1940 federal Census, they were still living in the house at 608 Garfield. He was 67, Wilda was 61.

In 1945 – 1948  Harold S. Woodward (wife Agnes B.) were listed in Polk’s Rockford City Directory as residing at 608 Garfield.   In 1949 there was no listing for the address.

From 1951 –  1974  the house was owned and resided in by Thomas W. Gill and wife, Isabel, and sons Tommy and David.  Tommy graduated from Campion Jesuit High School, Prairie du Chien, WI and awarded a naval R.O.T.C. scholarship to Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA. (1957)  His father was a manufacturer’s (Sales) representative.  Their daughter, Margaret J., married in 1963.  Son Ted was a Boylan High School freshman in 1966.  Daughter, Vida Gill, was a sophomore at Marquette University in 1967. They moved in 1974.

1975 – (2016 ) Richard and Raeann Jurgens owned the home. A Malamute-German Shepherd dog was stolen from the yard in 1976, and a lawn mower in 1981. They welcomed a Japanese AFS student for a year in 1985, Michiyo Takagi.  The Jurgens still reside in the house (2016). Mr. Jurgens was a teacher at Eisenhower Middle School in 1982 – 1992 and was at Guilford High School by 1997.

Garfield Ave. - 608 - 1

Source of photo:  Jan Carter, 9/27/2013

Garfield Ave., 608 - 2 sm

Source of photo: Jan Carter 9/27/2013

Garfield Ave., 608 - 3 sm

Source of photo: Jan Carter, 9/27/2013