Carter Corp. – Carter Tru-Scale, history

In 1962, Carter Machine and Tool Co. was located at 1916 11th St. in Rockford where 100 employees made scale farm toys.

Joseph Carter founded Carter Machine & Tool Co. Jan. 1, 1940 and began to build dies and special machines.  In the late 1940’s Carter got into the toy business by making scale metal models of tractors and farm equipment under the Tru-Scale name. Carter also made models for Rockford-based Nylint Toys until Nylint began in-house production.  In 1948 Carter designed and built the tooling for another farm toy producer called Eska located in Dubuque, Iowa. In 1950-51, Eska’s debt surpassed its assets and Carter took it over and moved production to Rockford and produced toys under the Tru-Scale and Eska names.  In 1956, Carter’s company began manufacturing toys for original equipment manufacturers as well as being marketed through Carter Tru-Scale, a name synonymous with quality scale farm models. In 1985, Carter sold out to Superior Toy Co. of Chicago which continued production until Superior filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1990. Crain’s Chicago Business reported that the company’s bank felt that the company was too heavily in debt but the bank approved loans to expand the firm, and then called the loans early.

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