Lustron Houses in Rockford and 1908 Ohio Pkwy.

Lustron houses

Per list above, no Lustron houses were found on Ashland: should have read 621 Albert Ave.  4012 Pinecrest Rd. is re-sided.  2425 Vernon St. may go by 2423 Vernon St.,  2306 Quincy is not on the list but in 1949 was listed as a Lustron home. 711 28th St. is not on the list but was torn down due to fire damage.  2001 Colorado is not on the list but has been torn down.  1523 15th St. is not on the list but may have been repainted.  532 N. London is not on the list and is Surf Blue. 2921 Kilburn was a model home April 1949,  1512 Rural St. was the first 3 bedroom Lustron in Rockford.


Example of a Lustron House in Rockford:  1908 Ohio Pkwy.

1908 Ohio Pkway

Photo source: Jeff Aulik

Strandlunds Lustron Co. produced just  2,500 of these homes in totality before declaring bankruptcy in 1950.  They were constructed entirely of steel, including porcelain enameled steel components,  hoped to resolve the housing shortage after WWII and not commercially profitable. They have withstood the claims of durability and are still using their original roofs, walls, cabinets and more.

Architects associated with Lustron houses: Chicago architects Roy Burton Blass and Morris H. Beckman.