Pettit Chapel, Belvidere

Petitt 4

architectural model of Pettit Chapel made by talented hobbyist, Ron Olson of Janesville, WI, and former employee of Sundstrand, Rockford.

Petitt 5

Petitt 6

“Emma Pettit commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design the Pettit Chapel as a memorial to her deceased husband, Dr. William H. Pettit.  The building was built in 1907 for US  $3,000 and stands next to the grave of Mr. Pettit in Belvidere Cemetery.  Doctor William H. Pettit was a beloved physician and humanitarian  who had the largest private medical practice in northern Iowa. His sudden passing in 189 was mourned across the state of Iowa and newspaper accounts from the time indicate that perhaps only the governor of Iowa was more well-liked.  After Pettit’s death his wife, Emma, deliberated over a suitable memorial to her late husband. She chose a site in Belvidere, Illinois, William Pettit’s hometown, and selected a chapel as the memorial. Emma Pettit was led to Frank Lloyd Wright by her brother, William A. Glasner, whose 1905 home in Glencoe, Illinois, was designed by Wright.”

Source of photographs, Janice E. Carter, June 8, 2014.

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