Historic Rockford Homes 1838 – 1893 – serigraphs by Gene Horvath

The serigraphs of historic are lovely art prints in black on cream paper “poster size” and “suitable for framing” and are a number set, 3/50.   Each one is of an historic home, and some are labeled on the back with additional historic information.  The set is not for sale as a group or individually and is signed by the artist.

The set includes 16 serigraph prints, as follows:

1850 residence of John S. Coleman                  737 North Main St.

1860/1864 residence of Amos Catlin Spafford          501 N. Prospect

1863 residence of Chester C. Briggs            1244 East State St.

1893 residence of William Fletcher Barnes            813 N. Main St.

1865 residence of Robert Hall Tinker        411 Kent St.

1873 residence of John H. Lake             1313 E. State St.

1871 residence of John Erlander      404 S. Third St.

1868 residence of Honorable William Brown      S. Third St. across from Erlander Home

1868 residence of Charles A. Lundvall      2511 Guilford Rd.

1856 residence of George H. Dennett           428 N 1st St.

1854 residence of L.C. Jacoby          2 Jacoby Place

1874 residence of Colonel C. M. Brayer        806 N Main St.

1859 residence of Johnaton Halstead     3318 North Main St.

1857 residence of W. D. Trahern      525 Kent St.

1867 residence of Major Elias Cosper             1121 Cosper Place

1855 residence of Henery Sears         800 N. Church St.

1854 residence of Walter Peck          326 S. 2nd St.

1848 residence of William Cory      6130 Guilford Rd.