Blackhawk Bottling Co. – 1919 – 1973

Source:, 2009     7 oz. glass “soda” bottle, approximately 8″ tall, Blackhawk lettering embossed in glass was for sale on eBay in 2009.     Rockford on eBay – 1

The first newspaper advertising for Blackhawk Bottling began in 1920.

This ad for Atlas Beer bottled by Blackhawk Bottling Co. came from the Rockford Morning Star, May 23, 1920:

The 1927 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory lists the business as:  Blackhawk Bottling Co., (Frank and Joseph Zammuto, owners) 1018 S Main St.

This Rockford Peaches ad from the Rockford Morning Star, May 21, 1946 said the ad was (co-) sponsored by Blackhawk Bottling Co., bottlers of Vess Cola and Bubbleup (Cola).

The 1941 Polk’s Rockford City Directory lists:  Blackhawk Bottling Co. (Joseph and Frank P. Zammuto, owners) Home of Cleo-Cola and Heart O’Orange, Distributors of Edelweiss Beer, Complete Line of Bottled Soft Drinks, 308-310 Morgan St.

In 1960 the company was bottling Hires Root Beer, new to the Rockford market. Rockford Register-Republic, Dec. 1, 1960

On May 29, 1968, an ad appeared in the Rockford Register-Republic, and bottlers and dustributors of Orange Crush, Hires Root Beer, Bubble Up, Squirt, Schweppe’s Water and Vess Cola.

In the Rockford Register Star newspaper of 8/18/1973 the announcement was made by Joseph Zammuto and his niece, Mrs. Angie Cicero, that the company will be sold to Graf’s Beverages, Inc of Milwaukee, Wisc.  The sale was completed in October 1973.