Spring Creek Rd., 4102 – “Colman Estate” / “Roper Estate”

Map above shows Spring Creek Rd., east of Eisenhower Middle School and west of Alpine Rd.

Property outlined shows 4102 Spring Creek Rd. the indented area at bottom is fenced, and is Marsh Cemetery.

Photos by Marty Mangas and Dick Marsh, circa 1968 – 1972

Architect Jesse A. Barloga, Commission #476, Commissioned by Mabon Roper; Built 1941.

Second owner: Walter Colman, son of Howard Colman, founder of Barber-Colman Co.

Sold to 3rd owner in 2007 for $1.4 million.

Gatehouse to Roper/Colman property, close to Spring Creek entrance to property, also designed by Jesse A. Barloga,  also built in 1941, also photographed by Marty Mangas, Dick Marsh.