Sumner Building

Sumner Bldg sepia

Sumner Bldg. color

Building located at the corner of West State and Church Sts., sometimes listed as 205 West State, sometimes listed as 330 West State St.

Built 1888 by Reuben Cook and George Wilson,   Source: Rockford Republic 4/25/1912  “on the previous site of the Old City Hotel,  previous site of Reynolds Stable.”

first occupied 1889.

The Grand Union Tea Co. rented it in 1894.  Source: Morning Star 3/17/1894.

Countryman & Co. open their new quarters in the Sumner Bldg. in 1898. The firm will wholesale butter, eggs and cheese.  Source: Rockford Morning Star 9/14/1898.

Mr. A. T. Roberts & Son leased the Sumner Building in 1909, for use as a garage and showroom. Source: Rockford Republic 10/13/1909

In 1915, the building was leased by Leath & Co. of Elgin, a furniture dealer. Rockford Morning Star 1/12/1915

In 1917, fire partially destroyed Woodman Hall in the E.. B. Sumner Building.  Source: Rockford Republic 3/15/1917

A demolition permit was issued for this building in 1992. Source:

In 2014 it is an “empty” grassy lot north of the BMO Harris Bank Center.

Photo/postcard source: Rockford Public Library Local History photo collection, postcard collection